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$TOP losing 1000s of litres of water from your swimming pool down the drain!

Backwash Recyclers Australia
is proud to be one of approximately three
hundred businesses in Australia to have
approval for the use of the
A scheme supported by the Australian Government
water for the future – water smart Australia fund
Designed to save 1000’s litres of water for sand filtered swimming pools

Why waste thousands of litres of water from your swimming pool down the drain? Backwash into a specially designed backwash tank for future use. Industry recommends that pools be backwashed for three minutes once every month. With an average pool pump pumping approximately 400 litres per minute, that's 1200 litres of water wasted down the drain.This wasted water needs to be replaced meaning 1200 litres of water is required to return the levels back to the recommended height. This is a water usage of approx 2400 litres per backwash. Why not store this water in a specially designed backwash tank for future use during the swimming months when water levels are critical to maintain a functional pool?

Once the recycling system is installed and operational backwashing procedures can be preformed when required without any loss of water……FREE WATER……

Research has found most existing swimming pool owners do NOT backwash as often as recommended even though sand filters need to operate at full capacity in order to maintain a proper water balance. Owners were pleased to learn of a system that would enable backwashing to take place at any time without loss of water. Potential swimming pool owners were generally surprised at the amount of water that is wasted during a backwash cycle and decided to use a backwash recycling system when planning the construction of their new swimming pool.


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