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Don't Drain it... Retain it!! 



Our innovative Backwash Recycling Systems filters and recycles for future use approximately 100% of swimming pool backwash water that is currently lost down the drain with every backwash.


  •   Saving on chemicals                        
  •   Saving on maintenance
  •   Saving 1000's & 1000's of litres of water






Even during the peak of the swimming season



 All this water wastage can know be prevented.


Our recycling systems once installed and operational backwashing procedures can be preformed when required without any loss of water




All recycling systems are simply installed as an attachment to already existing sand filtered systems or easily installed during pool construction.

This recycled water is filtered before entering the pool as it is returned via the existing sand filter utilising all existing equipment inc existing pool pumps.


This enables water levels to be kept at a level critical to the maintaining of a functional pool.